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Guidelines for Facilities Use of

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

Atkins, Iowa

September 2016




The following may use the facilities at no charge but are expected to do their own cleanup and return tables and chairs back to their original location.   

            Church Organizations

            Paid church / school staff for baptism and confirmation dinners.

            Member baptism family dinners

            Non-profit organizations as approved by the Trustees


Facilities Fees    

            Damage Deposit – $200 for both members and non-members

                        Separate check made out to St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

            Upon inspection by either the Janitor or Trustee and no issues are found, the deposit

                        check will be returned to the facilities use  party.




  1. Reservations should be made through the church office.  Facility costs and damage deposit will be payable at time of facilities use with two separate checks.   Make checks payable to St Stephen’s Lutheran Church. 

  2. Any damage or loss of equipment or facilities shall be paid for by the facilities use party. The amount of damage shall be determined by the trustees.

  3. St. Stephens Lutheran Church is not liable for any injury or loss incurred within the building or on its premises.

  4. All facilities use events must be held between the hours of 8:00 am – 8:00 pm unless other arrangements have been made through the church office.

  5. Please do not move any other tables or chairs from other church areas.  If additional tables and/or chairs are needed, please make arrangements with the church office ahead of time.

  6. No red drinks.

  7. No smoking.

  8.  No alcohol.

  9. Fellowship hall decorations shall only be put up with blue painters tape as provided –  no tacks, pins, nails, or other types of tape should be used.

  10. All surfaces such as countertops, sinks, appliances, and tables cleaned.  Spills cleaned up.  Tables and chairs returned to their original locations.

  11. All trash receptacles need to be emptied and trash taken to the dumpster outside the building. 

  12. Bathrooms check at end of usage.

  13. All personal items removed at the end of the event.

  14. Lights turned off at the end of the event.

  15. Doors checked at the end of the event.



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