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Flowers on The Altar Guidelines


  1. Put your name on the flower chart for the week you wish to put flowers on the altar. 

  2. Notify the church office before Thursday of that week to put a note in the bulletin regarding the flowers on the altar.

  3. Flowers cannot be any taller than 24 inches.  The flowers must be real, no artificial.  No bows or paper on the arrangement.  Make sure the florist is aware of this.

  4. More than one person may have flowers on a given Sunday.  Whoever signs up first will have their flowers on the altar and others would go on stands. 

  5. If you pick your flowers up from the florist, you may put them in the refrigerator located in the storage room across from multipurpose room.  An elder will place them on the altar on Sunday morning. 

  6. Be sure to pick up your flowers after the service and take them home. 

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